Useful Utilities and Sites

Here's my "can't compute without 'em" favorites. Please read the  Software - Website Disclaimer prior to accessing the information on this page.

Favorite Utilities:

&Zip  7Zip
Ace  Ace HTML - Ace FTP
Ammyy  Ammyy Admin Remote
Angry IP  Angry IP Scanner
AVG  AVG Antivirus
Bart's  Bart's PE Bootdisk
CMOSPWC  CMOS Password Cracker
CC  CCleaner
DBAN  Darik's Boot and Nuke
FavIcon  FavIcon from Pics
FF-TBird  Firefox - Thunderbird
Moz PB  FF - TBird - Mozilla Profile Backup
FreeRAM  FreeRAM
Gadwin PrintScreen  Gadwin PrintScreen 4.1 Freeware
GMail Loader  Mark Lyon's GMail Loader
Hijack  Hijack This
IconLock  Icon Lock
Intel Chipset ID  Intel Chipset ID
Micro ISO  Micro ISO Burner
MWB  Malwarebytes Remover
OO  Open Office Free Office Suite
PDFC  PDF Creator
Spiceworks  Spiceworks Network Manager
SyncToy  SyncToy
Test CPU  Test CPU
TweakUI  Tweak UI
Unlocker  Unlocker
VLC  VLC Media Player
WICU  Windows Installer Cleanup

Favorite Sites:

Annoyances Software
Big Web  Big Webmaster
Blogger  Blogger File Hosting
File Hippo  File Hippo
Gizmodo  Gizmodo
Major Geeks  Major Geeks
SANS  SANS Security
Slashdot  Slashdot
Snopes  Snopes
SourceForge  SourceForge
StartPage  StartPage
Technorati  Technorati
Tech Republic  Tech Republic
Tucows  Tucows
W3C  World Wide Web Consortium

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