Firefox: The Best Browser

When it comes to speed, safety, and versatility in a browser, it just doesn't get any better than Firefox. I've listed my "can't surf without 'em" favorites.

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Firefox  Get Firefox!
SkyPiot  Kang's SkyPilot Theme
AdBlock+  Ad Block Plus
Add Bookmarks  Add Bookmarks Here
BBCode  BBCode
Blanklast  Blanklast
Context  Context Highlight
Copy Plain  Copy Plain Text
Dictionary  Dictionary Search
Ext App Button  External Application Button
FEBE  Firefox Extension Backup Extension
Flashblock  Flashblock
Forecastfox  Forecastfox
GNotebook  Google Notebook
IE Tab  IE Tab
Internote  Internote
JSView  JSView
MapThis  MapThis
Pallete Grabber  Pallete Grabber
PDF  PDF Download
Public Fox  Public Fox
Restart Fox  Restart Firefox
Sage  Sage RSS Reader
Send To  Send To
Slashy  Slashy
TabX  Tab X
Tab Prefs  Tab Browser Preferences
Tiny URL  Tiny URL

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